Financial instruments of SMEs

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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Study time: 1 hours
    17 may 2022
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Course overview
Financial instruments are no longer the swearword they used to be! All entities, including SMEs, are exposed to financial instruments. These can take simpler forms, such as receivables, current and non-current loans, and other financial liabilities. Some SMEs also deal with more advanced financial instruments, such as derivatives, hybrid/compound financial instruments, etc. In this learning session we revisit the principles supporting the accounting for basic financial instruments of SMEs, and briefly look at an example or two of more advanced financial instruments, without going into too much depth. Lastly, the classification of instruments issued by an SME between equity and liabilities, according to its characteristics, is also explored.

What's included?

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  • 1 Certificate

Webinar included in the Accounting for tax professionals bundle

Topics covered

• The accounting treatment of basic financial instruments
• A quick overview of more complex financial instruments
• Classifying whether an instrument is equity or a liability?