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CPD Campus is in the business of solving CPD headaches by providing learning solutions that ensure your compliance with outcome-based CPD policies whilst achieving sensible professional development at the same time.

What does CPD Campus offer you?

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We offer CPD events with a power punch!

A CPD event is an online focused and interactive session (such as a webinar, interview, debate, panel discussion and more) which you can either attend live (i.e. when the event is broadcast) or on-demand (i.e. view after the live event was broadcast, as a recorded past live CPD event). This increases the flexibility of your learning plan. CPD events address your professional development needs by being sourced from a wide range of professional competencies! 

We offer on-demand
short courses too!

Our carefully curated on-demand short courses use deeper learning techniques to add to your existing skill set and allow you to learn anywhere, anytime and at your own pace. On-demand short courses do not require you to attend live elements and can be completed on your own and at a pace that works for you. Our on-demand short courses are competency-focused and range from one to eight hours per short course. We believe that the exposure we provide to relevant, interesting and hot topics in our live CPD events, also inspire our clients to undertake deeper learning by means of short courses, to add that skills badge to their existing professional development plan. 

We even put together course bundles!

We often combine live CPD events and/or on-demand short courses into course bundles that provide great value to our clients! Once you are signed up to CPD Campus, you will always be notified of new course bundles that we add to our course catalogue.

An example is our ethics course bundle. We compiled this course bundle to address the requirements of Circular 02/2021, issued by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) in April 2021, in terms of which SAICA members are required to annually undertake mandatory reflective activity on ethical values and attitudes. Such a course bundle consists of four individual modules, dealing with personal, business and professional ethics, and the amendments to the Code of Professional Conduct.

Benefits of joining


Our CPD tool, called SMART, makes compliance with the steps of an outcome-based CPD policy easy


Become part of a community facing the same challenges and requirements regarding continuing professional development


CPD is not just about compliance - it is also an opportunity for a positive contribution of competence to your existing skill set

Peace of mind

Knowing your CPD compliance has also led to a fruitful learning experience provides you with peace of mind about your professional growth and ambitions


Make your annual declaration of compliance with the CPD policy of the professional body to which you belong, with peace of mind

Our business partners

Lending credibility to our quality learning offerings

Client testimonials

My journey with these courses has been incredible. From the quiet guy who sat in the corner without participating or saying anything, to the man I am today. Had my very first WOW moment in the leadership programme. Today I am a newly-appointed Director of my firm, and I don't think I would have reached these goals without this platform. The guidance, the tools and the lessons that I have learned will always be part of my life.
Jan Bosch
The training is very professional, precise and informative. The course materials are perfect. The courses assist me with my CPD hours - for 2021 I gained 99% of my CPD hours because of this platform.
Lwando Nokoko
Assistant Accounting Manager
I am a bit of a techno cluck and this platform is so user friendly! There is also the comfort of being able to learn in the comfort of your own home. Professionally, I have new respect for my peers because I "see" them through the courses on the platform; it has broadened my knowledge about our industry, including the challenges everyone faces.
Marline Johnson
National Network Liaison

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