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Live CPD events

Live CPD events are online learning interventions, e.g. webinars, panel discussions, live debates, ane many more, that you can attend live while the event is being broadcast. These events take place on the first three Thursday mornings of each month between 8am an 9am. Prepare yourself for the joy of live and interactive learning!

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Upcoming live CPD events

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18 Nov '21
     2021/22 Tax update

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25 Nov '21
Integrated reporting

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2 Dec '21
VAT - SARS focus areas

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9 Dec '21
Feedback with impact!

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14 Dec '21
The buzz around ESG

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10 Jan '22
2022 – Apt to adapt

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17 Jan '22
The critical success factors to project management

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24 Jan '22
ISQM1 replacing ISQC1 – what the assurance professional should know!

Client testimonials

Relevant training material which is easy to access. I am not wasting time anymore looking for training material.

Zelda Liebenberg
Great experience - makes learning so much easier. User-friendly, relevant and the ability to do it at your own pace and time.

Elanie Sims
The training is of the highest quality and the courses that I have attended have been very helpful.

Candice Whitefield
This platform has played a major role in my career and my learning throughout my traineeship - I have learned an extensive amount of skills which range from life skills to workplace skills, basics and advanced skills, all of which have helped me advance in my career. The courses form the escape you look forward to at the end of a rough day; when you have already exceeded your daily caffeine intake, you switch to the course library and learn something new.

Kyla Harris
SAICA Trainee
The courses have motivated me to continuously learn and grow with the resources made available on the platform. This has not only instilled a desire to grow professionally, but personally as well. I have been able to apply the skills that I have learned in personal aspects of my life, ensuring that my growth does not just happen in working hours, but also beyond.

Tiffany Pedro
SAIPA Trainee
The courses have enhanced my professional and, even more so, personal skills since joining. I love how the courses are curated for the level you are at, and that each one is skills-specific. I enjoy that I am able to access the material at any point and that, once completed, you can go back for a refresher.

Simbongile Mgqwetho
Tax Trainee