About us

Who is CPD Campus?

At our core

When you partner with CPD Campus, you can rest assured that all your continuing professional development needs and requirements are taken care of.

What to expect

Tailored learning pathways

You’re an individual – your learning pathway should be too.

A comprehensive learning and development solution

You can go from identifying your developing needs to generating your certificates of completion in one place – a true A to Z solution.

Engaging learning experiences

Anyone can create a course; true development experts build learning experiences.

Learning on your own terms

Our wide variety of learning methodologies cater for all learning styles and preferences. This could be live real-time learning events or on-demand short courses!

Accessing learning when and where you need it

Our live events and on-demand short courses ensure that you can plan and access learning in a way that works with your schedule.

Blending technology with connection

We give you the best of both worlds: An online platform plus human connection.

Our business partners:

Lending credibility to our quality learning offerings

Client testimonials

You have provided me with relevant and up-to-date training on a single platform, that I would otherwise have had to source from various places. The user-friendly interface and interactive content also make it easy to use and learn from.

Rick Bwanya
Associate Consultant
CPD Campus has helped me become more organised and to have a more structured training plan. The courses gave me more confidence when advising others, improved my soft skills, refreshed my technical knowledge and kept me abreast of changes in laws and regulations.

Letisha Subramanien
Associate Director
This is one of the best learning portals I have used, and professionally I prefer it over other similar products due to the quality and depth of training.

Navasha Moodley
Associate Director