Critical success factors of Project Management

Bhavir Govind
Project management is a crucial yet overlooked skill in a Chartered Accountants world. This course will teach you how to apply the Project management mindset to your daily life to assist in optimizing your workday and everyday tasks.

You will learn how the foundational principles that project managers implement when working through both simple and highly complex projects helps them achieve a business’s strategic vision. Important skills such as self-management, people management, problem solving, critical thinking and so much more will be discussed in this course.

We also take a deeper look into the current business environment that every corporation in the world is currently facing and how they have adapted their own business models to address the everchanging landscape to remain competitive and relevant. We also gain an understanding of how project management and project management skills have allowed these companies to quickly scale up business units to address consumers needs and demands.

The course wraps up by teaching you how to implement the project management disciplines in your own life allowing you to position yourself closer to your own goals and achieve the desired objectives.