Your 2023 ethics scorecard

Why do I need this bundle?

Mandatory annual ethics reflection
The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) require all their members to undergo mandatory annual reflection about ethics in the specific areas of personal ethics, business ethics, and professional ethics. This was communicated to SAICA members per Circular 02/2021. The IRBA requires their members to undergo no less than three hours' verifiable training in ethics per annum, although SAICA does not specify a minimum number of hours' training in line with their outcome based CPD policy.

Bundling the events makes it easier for you
CPD Campus has therefore bundled together our three individual live CPD events dealing with ethics reflection for 2023, and offer the bundle to non-subscribers at a special bundle price. Existing CPD Campus subscribers gain access to the bundle as part of their subscription at no additional charge.

The three live CPD sessions taking place on the dates below, are presented by Mr. Ben van der Merwe from the Albert Luthuli Centre of Responsible Leadership of the University of Pretoria. All live CPD events are recorded, and therefore, should you not be able to attend one of the live sessions, you can catch the session up in your own time after the live session has been broadcast.

Attendance and completion of the live CPD events offered in this bundle, will lead to full compliance with the requirements of both SAICA and IRBA w.r.t. their annual mandatory ethics reflection requirements.

  • The live CPD events contained in this bundle are:
    • Thursday 6 April 2023:  Your 2023 ethics scorecard: reflecting on personal ethics
    • Thursday 4 May 2023:  Your 2023 ethics scorecard: reflecting on business ethics
    • Thursday 1 June 2023: Your 2023 ethics scorecard: reflecting on professional ethics

  • Please note:
    Each live CPD event is accompanied by a reflection sheet that should be completed as proof of the annual mandatory reflection that was performed on the particular category of ethics.
Courses included

2023 ethics scorecard

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