Conversations about ethics: Danger ahead ... Signs your business may be heading for an ethics scandal

  • Author: Anel Jacobs
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 25 minutes
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Course overview
Businesses often collapse because they did not pay attention to early warning signs (or maybe did not notice the warning signs at all). Monitoring ethical behaviour across your organisation, continuously, is a challenge! So, how do you look for indicators of ethical problems in particular firms, departments, teams, etc.? How do you know if there are ethical problems lurking? How do we spot the danger signs in our business? In this course we take a look at 20 common characteristics of organisations that have succumbed to ethical collapse (some of them for the second time!).
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What's included?

  • 1 Online module
  • 1 Reflection activity
  • 1 Certificate of completion

Ethics course aligned to SAICA Circular 02/2021

Link with SAICA Competency Framework

This course covers the following:
  • Personal ethics
  • Business ethics
  • Professional ethics