“ESG” – the buzz around environmental, sustainability and governance reporting

  • Author: Kavita Pema
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 1 hour
  • 25 Jan 2022
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Course overview
As an accounting, assurance and/or finance professional, the abbreviation "ESG" is likely to be known to you.

But what is the buzz about?
Is it still adequate, or even acceptable, for an entity to only report on financial information? Or has the time come where organisations, big or small, will be compelled, in one way or another, to comprehensively report on aspects of a non-financial nature, such as ESG (environment, sustainability and governance), thereby sustaining their own ability to secure future business?

In this live CPD event we discuss, inter alia:
  • What is ESG in principle, and why is it important?
  • What are the trends in ESG reporting, particularly in South Africa?
  • How advanced is ESG reporting for large corporations?
  • Is ESG reported on by small and medium-sized entities (SMEs), globally and in South Africa?
  • What is the value-add relating to ESG reporting?
  • What is covered in ESG reports?
  • What should accounting, finance and assurance professionals know about ESG reporting, in a nutshell?
  • What is the impact on ESG reporting with the recent formation of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)?

Join us for this live CPD event and become informed about ESG - in a nutshell!

What's included?

  • 1 Live CPD event
  • 5 quiz questions
  • 1 Certificate of participation / completion

Think about reporting in a different way!  Reporting is evolving, and is no longer purely focused on financial information...

Within the SAICA competency framework, this course supports the following competencies:
Business acumen
- business internal environment
- business external environment
Technical competencies
- governance model
- reporting fundamentals
- stakeholder management
Enabling and future competencies: Decision-making acumen - Value creation mindset and Sustainable mindset