Outcome based CPD - Not getting Caught with your Pants Down AGAIN at the end of 2022!

  • Author: Anton van Wyk CA(SA)
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 1 hours
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Course overview
As a professional provider of CPD live events and on-demand short courses, CPD Campus experiences first-hand the agony of thousands of accountants and auditors towards the end of each calendar year with respect to catching up on their outstanding CPD. Playing the ‘catch-up game’ in respect of your professional development is not only to your detriment as a professional person, but actually defies the entire purpose of, especially, the outcome based CPD policies adopted by SAICA and IRBA on 1 January 2020. Thinking pro-actively: how can you approach 2022 differently in respect of your CPD and avoid the rush at the end of the year when scrambling to get some CPD hours clocked? In joining us for this FREE session, you will not only be provided with guidance on the outcome based CPD policy’s content and which steps you need to take throughout the calendar year to benefit from compliance therewith, but also be given other vitally helpful information about planning your CPD so that you don’t get caught with your pants down when the professional body to which you belong comes knocking on your door when it is time to declare your compliance with their CPD policy. In attending, you will also contribute to the development of the following professional competencies:

Main competency group: Professional values and attitudes
· Sub-competency group: Lifelong learning
Specific competency: Self-development; adaptive mindset; Inquisitiveness

What's included?

  • Strategy of how to plan your CPD in 2022
  • What are the SAICA requirements related to CPD?
  • How do I ensure compliance?
  • What should I do and when should I do it?

Ensure your CPD activities and strategy are aligned to the SAICA policy

Don't allow CPD to become a headache

Attend this free event to get direction of how CPD should be approached